Living Lab

Co-design workshop 

The Living Lab is aimed at the comparison, exploration, experimentation and evaluation of innovative ideas.

The international Living Lab, launched in 2017 from a preparatory phase, will be in 2019 the laboratory of comparison, evaluation and co-design development of the most significant approaches and proposals emerging from the Call for Concept.
During the Living Lab 2019, the selected students will participate in the laboratory activities, in March, through meetings with the city stakeholders (citizens, city users, associations, companies, public administrations ...) and seminars with qualified professionals and scholars.

The Living Lab, will see also the participation of students selected from the Master's Courses of Colleges of Architecture and Design Study Courses at the Politecnico di Torino.


Preparatory phase. October, 10th 2017

The preparatory phase included a first seminar, structured as a participatory design debate, with the participation of experts, local administration’s officials, journalists as well as students and citizens (see Annexes, about 80 participants).
The complexity of the context (urban landscape, mobility and transport, trade, culture, architecture, urban history, memories ...) and the number of the involved people is aimed at moving the design to an inclusive community team.
The result of discussions proposed early ideas of urban space and reuse to be offered to students and designers as a ground to grow a new mix of functionality and visual layout, summarized in the attached Documentation.
The "Service design" for regeneration is the highlighted possible approach, understood as a mediator of knowledge, skills and as a facilitator of communication.
As part of the "Torino city of design", the results were presented to citizens in the # SACCHI56 info-point coordinated by the Fondazione Contrada Torino (20-30 October 2017) and presented at the International Seminar  “Design of the City: Design for Citizens”, (October, 12th 2017, Aula Magna Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Citizens design their city, Report on Via Sacchi Living-Lab).
Analysis and initiatives of the partner Committee “Rilanciamo Via Sacchi" are available on the website: